URDA Fourth Annual Conference in Istanbul- Turkey

Save their Boat
“Syrians…between Harsh Refuge and Immigration”
On Thursday, February, 21, 2016, URDA held its fourth annual conference in Istanbul, Turkey titled: “Save their Boat “Syrians…between Harsh Refuge and Immigration” sponsored by Qatar Charity as an attempt to understand the Syrian refugee situation in Lebanon.
The conference lasted for three days from the 21st of February, 2016 till the 23rd, hosting noticeable figures from the humanitarian field. It aimed mainly at analyzing the Syrian refugees’ living conditions after 5 years of forced displacement, especially with the lack of the basic needs to a decent life in the hosting countries.
The conference panels included an analysis of the reasons that triggered Syrian refugees to immigrate to European countries, along with the discussion of the consequences of both the refuge to Lebanon and the immigration to Europe. It also included an acknowledgment to the efforts of the Lebanese Government and the facilities that were provided in Lebanon since the beginning of the Syrian crisis.
The fourth annual conference ended with a series of recommendations that mostly called for the facilitation of the implementation of development projects that lead Syrian refugees towards independence and productivity; a call that highlights URDA’s salient role in relief and development and its belief in the importance of providing the Syrian refugees with a decent life in Lebanon, the host country.