• The program is concerned with providing shelter for refugees within decent housing conditions to protect them from winter cold and summer heat, in addition to providing the basic infrastructure in various shelters, camps and houses of ready residential compounds. Functions of the shelter program include establishing centers and residential units besides processing, managing, sponsoring and securing various needs.

    The shelter program was among the programs launched directly after establishing URDA, and it enjoys wide recognition by different international institutions and donors due to its role and importance in providing shelter for 13,935 Syrian refugees across Lebanon distributed over 36 shelter centers which include 3,567 residential units in Aarsal, Beqaa, Akkar, Saida, Shebaa, Beirut and Mount Lebanon.
  • 1.Shelter Centers:
    Shelter centers were established to host Syrian refugees fleeing the plight of the Syrian crisis to Lebanon. In the light of the large influx of refugees, the harsh economic conditions, and the short capacity of Lebanese residential areas to host huge numbers of residents, these centers aim to provide Syrian refugees with shelter capable of affording a decent and secured life. 
    URDA shelter centers are characterized by an infrastructure installed according to international standards, proper management and organization, and a high level of coordination with concerned authorities in Lebanon. The three characteristics note an attempt to guarantee good-neighborly relations between the refugees in shelter centers and the Lebanese hosting community. 
    The residential units included in shelter centers are divided to the following categories:
      Tents: These are either simple tents covered with nylon shading, built on wooden poles and fixed with ropes; or tents covered with fabric shading with iron poles erected on a stone base able to protect the tent from possible floods.
      Built-up rooms: These rooms are built-up with concrete blocks with galvanized steel roofs. Each room is equipped with a kitchen and a bathroom. 
      Pre-fabricated houses: (Caravans): These are ready mobile house units characterized by thermal and voice insulation capabilities which provide better protection against bad weather conditions and provide a higher level of privacy to their settlers.
      Residential compounds: These are compounds including residential units each comprising two rooms, a kitchen and a bathroom.
    WASH and Electricity Services:
    Within the shelter program, URDA works to provide water, sanitation and electricity services in its shelter centers through installation of water and sanitation systems and providing electricity generators in addition to providing necessary services to operate them.

    In 2016, shelter centers were provided with 189,946 liters of fuel to operate generators, 98,136 m3 of service water, in addition to the suction of 2,874 septic tanks.
    Maintenance and Services:
    Shelter program also includes periodic renovation of houses and tents as well as operating and maintaining services through providing monthly needs and periodic maintenance, spraying pesticides to prevent insects, processing camps for winter through strengthening tents against strong winds and raising them above ground level to prevent flood and rain penetrations, as well as digging trenches to collect flood waters and prevent formation of swamps that might hinder the movement of refugees and cause damage.
    2. Model Productive Villages: 
    The idea of model productive villages is based on the establishment of integrated villages including residential units and productive utilities that provide work opportunities for families living in these communities, in addition to providing other services as well as recreational and social utilities.
    These villages have witnessed great success and were hailed by refugees for their large benefit. Notably, the project has been executed in 8 locations so far:
    Al-Awda Model Productive Village – Barelias (Beqaa)
    Al-Ataa Model Productive Village – Barelias (Beqaa) (under construction) 
    Al-Wafaa Model Productive Village – Akkar 
    Al-Aman Model Productive Village – Aarsal
    Al-Ward Model Productive Village – Aarsal
    Hayat Model Productive Village – Aarsal
    Aaramoun Productive Compound  – Mount Lebanon 
    Model Productive villages include the following utilities:
    Housing units 
    Medical center 
    Mosque and social center 
    Playground and park
    Automatic bakery
    Water well 
    Soup kitchen 
    PSS center 
    Community Markets (including vegetables and grocery shops, tailor, hairdresser, shoemaker…)