• The Relief Program is concerned with providing basic aid for refugees and needy families, including food and non-food aid, in order to secure them a decent living. The program also includes rapid response in cases of emergency, such as storms, catastrophes and conflicts, to save lives and limit possible damage.

    918,352 services were provided within this program throughout 2016.
  • 1.Food Items: (FIs)
    This form of aid primarily aims at providing necessary food aid for refugees and those in need according to conditions recommended by the World Food Programme (WFP). It is concerned with the distribution of bread and food rations due to the huge and urgent need for this kind of aid, especially in light of growing and deepening crisis in the region and around the world, which requires local relief institutions to contribute to covering the deficit.

    Also included in this form of aid is seasonal food aid, such as hot meals and iftars during the month of Ramadan, and Adahi meals during Hajj and Adha.

    In 2016, the accumulative number of provided food aid rations was 477,780.

    2.Non-food items: (NFIs)
    This form of aid contributes to providing basic living needs for refugees and needy persons, especially bedding, clothing, toiletries, household and kitchen appliances, heating tools in winter (such as heaters, fuel, and carpet) and cooling tools in the summer (fans and fridges). It also includes subsidies, cash assistance, and other in-kind aid such as bags, stationery, toys and others.

    In 2016, the accumulative number of beneficiaries from non-food aid was 40,935.
    3.Emergency Relief: 
    This part of the program is concerned with ensuring fast response at times of emergencies and crises caused by the weather or natural disasters or conflicts, in order to save lives and minimize possible damages.

    In this context, URDA was among the first sides that acted to aid those affected by the storms witnessed in the winter and the stormy weather in Lebanon. And in light of the difficult living conditions faced by those dwelling in the mountains in cold tents that barely provide them with any warmth, URDA distributed winter aid in Aarsal, Beqaa, Shebaa as part of the aid camp it executed during the winter of 2016.

    Remarkably, URDA aid and shelter teams continued to work in the storms that hit Lebanon and aid was provided for affected families including heating fuel, heaters, mattresses, blankets, carpets and food rations.