• This program seeks to provide PSS for residents and refugees who need it across Lebanon and from all age groups in order to mitigate the post-traumatic effects of crises they have suffered.
    The program is implemented via Basamat Team for Psychosocial Support, which is an independent nonprofit organization. Currently, efforts are underway to issue a license for Basamat Team to develop into a specialist organization in PSS. 
    Basamat Team seeks to be a specialist reference in psychosocial support through establishing and running PSS centers as well as building, training, and improving PSS teams in order to maintain proper psychological health. Basamat aims to improve the through protecting and supporting children, boosting productivity and activity among the youths, empowering and protecting women, in addition to guiding families and helping them adapt to their conditions.


  • ⦿ Mitigating the effects of suffering faced by individuals in the war. 
    ⦿ Helping individuals adapt to the harsh conditions they have to face in refuge. 
    ⦿ Encouraging individuals to look towards returning to their homes and building their destroyed country to achieve the life they hope for in the stage of return and reconstruction.